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Kids Programs Ages 3-15




Programs are run in 4-10 week sessions. We have run over 8 classes for our programs per week for over 6 years now with over 1,000 kids coming through our doors! Our passion is creating important key values and good movement patterns in kids both physically and developmentally. We pride ourselves on creating a community where kids and teens embrace diversities in all aspects to help each other reach their highest potential. The name "CrossFit" can oftentimes make parents "precautious" due to stereotypes of what we actually do. We do not simply lift weights. Our program is aimed at preventing common injuries found in young athletes. Therefore the danger of partaking in a CrossFit Kids program is far less than your average gym class. Our certified trainers are knowledgeable about the growth and developmental stage of your child or teen and put extra precaution into programming with consideration of growth plate injuries and the child's prior history of injuries or illness. In addition to our fundamentals, our team of trainers aims to focus on life skills, nutrition, posture, and more. We do not want our athletes to stop playing their sports. We want to be an excellent supplement to their athletic development and encourage them to come train with us in the offseason and non-game days during their season. CrossFit 696 Kids and Teens' end goal is to make a positive impact on the confidence and values of your child while they have fun, learn, and embrace new and exciting challenges!


Contact Head Coach and Program Director Lindsey Noseworthy
(CrossFit Level 1 Trainer & CrossFit Kids Certified Trainer) 
today for more information about our CrossFit 696 Kids & Teen program


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