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FitEdge functional group training

Cutting edge fitness to get the body you want! Indoor/outdoor metabolic fitness training for maximal calorie burn and muscle toning. 

One hour classes offered several times a day ranging from 5:15AM to 7PM led by the top functional fitness trainers in the area. FITedge is a non intimidating environment that allows all ability levels to grow and succeed one step closer to their goals.


small group training

Small group training is a great way to enjoy your training with a small group while reaping the benefits of the hands on attention of your Fitness Coach. In a small group atmosphere your goals are always in reach with the support of your Coach! 

one-on-one personal training

During one-on-one sessions you and your Fitness Coach will set realistic goals and plan for achieving them. Just one hour a week with a Fitness Concepts Fitness Coach will change the way you feel about exercise and yourself.

Sport specific training

Looking to enhance your speed, agility, and explosiveness for next season and a potential scholarship? Need to gain strength and power to stay in the game? Whatever your athletic goals and needs are, our team of coaches have you covered to take your game to the next level.