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BIO: Danielle Fagnant; PN Certified Coach 1, CPT

I joined Fitness Concepts in 2009, unfit and unhealthy and ready to make some changes. Within the first year I fell in love with group fitness and group trainings. Working out was the easy part, the food part is where I struggled. It started as baby steps as I started to learn about a cleaner way of eating from the trainers. This helped me dial into my lifestyle change and loose 50 pounds within my first year. I always took part in the short term challenges offered at the club throughout the years, however often struggled as the accountability that these challenges offered ended usually within 3-5 weeks. However I still succeeded in losing a total of 96 pounds before the birth of my daughter. Down the road, when I started to teach more classes and find another passion in CrossFit, I became much more strict with my nutrition. This resulted in too much of a caloric deficit for my level of activity and I found myself frustrated as I was trying to reach this "goal weight" and feeling like I was always hungry. I learned that too little can be a bad thing and what your metabolism actually needs to function. This is different for everyone. I spent a long time fixing my metabolism so that I could reach her goals while still being able to maintain my high level of activity. Through this time I realized that this was also the next step at helping other members reach their goals that they work out so hard for. Through Precision Nutrition, I not only learned about the science behind nutrition and metabolism, but also methods on how to coach various types of people with a wide array of goals. I looks forward to helping others learn what their bodies need in order to thrive. I believe that it's time that we work with our bodies instead of fighting against them to reach our goals. Please contact me at to set up your free nutrition consultation today and learn how to thrive with your food and fitness!