Every Kid Needs A Champion

We often start to late in our health and fitness journeys. But what if our kids started now, what if they begin now…at age fourteen, ten or even four.


What if we modeled for them right now a healthy lifestyle? What if we took sometime to be there fully present with them and be there role model? 

Can you take a second and think of everything you have learned in your life? Now we are humans and we keep learning new things everyday. We learn from our everyday experiences as well as our relationships and time spent with others. But 

I bet you didn't learn very much from that math final you took in the tenth grade. But I bet you did learn a lot from your soccer coach who spent extra time with you after practice or from a teacher who taught you something more than just how to take a test. My point here is we learn the most from those who give you there time fully and passionately. 

That's what we strive to do here at CrossFit 696 Kids and Teens: 

As your coaches we are not just here to teach you how to do a perfect squat or demand you to do your burpees. We are here to give you our time, and to model what a healthy lifestyle looks like. This is easy for us to do because it is our passion and passion is easily taught. 

But We are also here to teach you that when life knocks you down you've got to get back up just like you learned in your burpee. 


You will face fear in life but you will learn how to overcome that fear in a healthy way just as you overcame the fear of a rope climb. 

We let Fitness be there mold and us coaches be there compass. May we mold the foundation of a healthy lifestyle that your kids may walk out of our doors and carry on with them. May your kids learn life lessons from every squat and burpee that they do. A burpee isn't just a burpee but a reflection of life. “When I am knocked down, I must get up and try again.” 

If you have the chance to make a difference in someone's life, don't take that for granted you may be the only one who does. A healthier and happier world starts with you. 


BY: Kayla Thompson