2019 = Skill Up!

The New Year is approaching soon! Are you ready? 

Do you want to be successful this year? 

Here’s how! 

Step 1: Become aware of the skills you need to be successful! What do you need to work on in the new year? Become familiar with the obstacles ahead in order to manifest what you want! How will you take the next step in your health or business? SKILL UP! 


Step 2: Gazelle Focused! I mean get quiet and decide what you want. “Free yourself, like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter, like a bird from the snare of the fowler.” In other words, make like a gazelle and run for your goals and dreams! Don’t stop until you get there! 

Step 3: Practice self discipline. Without discipline you cannot achieve big things. Self discipline is being stronger than your greatest weakness. Resist temptation and keep yourself accountable towards your goals ahead. 

Step 4: Prepare for failure. If You want to do anything great in this world you may face failures. As you step out of your comfort zone there is a chance of failure. Acknowledge that today, so If failure does hit you are ready.  It will be how we deal with those failures that will determine how successful we will be in the future. 


Follow our page here Crossfit 696 Kids! Not only will you get to see our CrossFit youth fitness programs. But starting January 1st our first “Move For Life” post will be posted there! Mobility tricks, stretches and more! Move better this New Year.  Spend just   10 minutes a day stretching and mobilizing the muscles, joints and bones! 

“Move for life." Make your health a priority in 2019! 2019 is your skill up year!! 

~ Coach Kayla