Hospitality, The Game Changer in the Fitness Industry

Our world has grown and changed and along with that so has the fitness industry. As an industry it is important that we recognize these changes and adapt. Gone are the days where joining a gym or health club meant just becoming another member. It is so much more than just that, it truly is a lifestyle change. Along with this change has come the ever growing need to integrate the act of hospitality into the fitness industry.

People have long thought that service and hospitality were interchangeable terms, but that is far from the truth. Any gym can provide a facility and equipment for one to workout in, a service that is. Not every gym can provide hospitality. Hospitality is much different in that it is how you make one feel, it’s personalized and it is making the member feel as though you are on their side. 

We are in an industry where we can not only change people’s lives, but we can save people’s lives. Integrating hospitality within the fitness industry is one of the big factors that can help lead to one’s success on their fitness journey. Not every situation is cookie cutter. Our industry needs to be able to show passion and care for every individual and personalize their experience so that we can best help them achieve their goals. Hospitality is what keeps them coming back, it makes them feel welcome, comfortable and most importantly it makes them feel as though someone is right there fighting with them all along the way. Let’s face it, none of us can do it alone. At one point or another we all need someone on our side to push us when we’re on the brink of giving up.

As both a member and employee of Fitness Concepts Health Club I strongly believe hospitality is what sets us apart from everyone else. Hospitality is woven into the culture of the organization. There is a culture of truly caring, and of being there right beside each other to fight for whatever one’s goal may be. We are not just here to provide you with a service, we are here to provide you with hospitality. To make your life better in the best way that works for you and to be their fighting with you throughout your whole journey. Our members are not just members, they are part of our family, that is what makes Fitness Concepts so special.