It is indisputable that group fitness is a huge component to an individual’s fitness journey and overall success. With endless class offerings, there’s no reason to not try them all! From strength to HIIT to functional training, there’s no limit to what you can do. The best part about the group fitness that we offer here is that it is all scientifically backed by some of the most educated people in the nation. Every single release that is created is tested and then modified by scientists so it creates more change in our body composition. No matter high or low, members are given the opportunity to test their maximum threshold or tune it down to a no-impact option (i.e. marching on the spot to substitute a high knee run). Group fitness is the perfect supplemental piece that you’ve been missing when you’re only weight training on the floor or doing your daily incline walk on the treadmill. These classes are formatted to create the change quickly and effectively- I simply cannot speak enough good about Les Mills and the programs they continue to develop and evolve over time.

This is my third year as a group fitness instructor (Certified AIM 1 & AIM 2 Advanced BODYATTACK Instructor) and currently chasing my fifth certification, but time and time again I always see myself coming back to BODYATTACK. Les Mills BODYATTACK was one of the first classes I had ever taken here at Fitness Concepts when I became a member in mid-2014, with little to no physical exercise currently under my belt. Incorporating sports-inspired/track-related movements and cardio, the explosive power that you experience in this group environment is life-changing and uplifting. Working together with your team to overcome the highs and the lows in this class is enough reason to come through the front doors every day, as this is what ultimately brought my fitness to the next level again and again, and continues to do so each and every day. By 2015 this was the first program that I became certified to instruct in (BODYATTACK 89). We are going on BODYATTACK 100 this spring and I am so beyond excited to be part of it. There is just so much science behind this specific class, and if only you knew what the benefits were, I guarantee you’d be in there moving with me too! Keep reading to see these very benefits!

If you are to take the full format class [which is currently offered Tuesday and Saturday mornings], expect to burn approximately 700+ calories! It sounds crazy, but keep in mind when you complete a full 55 minutes of BODYATTACK, you’ve just run the equivalent of a 5K [which is 3.1 miles in case you didn’t know].  The 30-minute format (EXPRESS) class – currently offered at 6pm on Mondays - has the same benefits, but packed into half the time for those who are on the go and need a quick yet effective workout! Members who also like to take multiple classes a visit tend to like the express classes because it gives them more variety in half the time.

A recent study at Penn State proved positive changes in leg and back strength in BODYATTACK participants. Taking this class regularly also showed significant improvements in agility, coordination and power. If you don’t believe me, take a moment to listen to the very program director herself as she describes the class feel, what you can expect going into your first class, how to ease yourself into the program if you’re a first-timer, and ultimately the benefits that you’ll reap each and every time.

Lisa Osborne is infamous for her involvement in the Les Mills franchise – not to mention she ranked 2nd place (overall) worldwide in the 2016 CrossFit Opens – This powerhouse of a woman believes in this multi-dimensional program to no end and knows there’s something for everyone in this class. There are options for absolutely everyone, just ask our participants ranging from ages 14 to 91.

This is a new year, a time to reset and assess your current regimen. Try something new! Get involved and get in the madness! You will NOT regret it. Even if it’s not BODYATTACK, Group Fitness is something all of our instructors are passionate about. For all programs, allow yourself 3-5 classes to get the full feel of the program – NEVER quit after one or two tries. Talk to the instructors. Talk to the members. Once you start, don’t ever stop. Full speed ahead!

-By Ryan Kendall